About The Studio

Our studio is located in a quaint little cottage nestled in a small grove of maple trees and we cater to small-to-medium sized groups on Prince Edward Island. We love singer/songwriters. We love ceilidh artists. We love fiddlers, guitarists, drummers and vocalists! And we want to make your next recording sound absolutely amazing.

We’re equipped with everything you need to get going, including mics, cables, Apple’s Logic Pro X, mic-pres, keyboard controllers, guitars, drums, and the kitchen sink!

In addition, we have a five foot Kawai grand piano in the house and we’d love to record your piano performance.

Our Rates

Our goal is to give you the best possible sound and the best possible production at the best possible rate. Our standard hourly rate is $75 and that includes one engineer at the helm working the Logic Pro X controls. Contact us today to discuss your project.